Sucropedia will be an encyclopedia that covers subjects on sugar technology. The objective of Sucropedia is to provide information on sugar technology to technologists (in cane sugar mills, beet sugar factories, cane sugar refineries, food industry), academics and to the public in general. This encyclopedia will have entries on different subjects with links to other related entries. A thematic index and entries index will help the reader to use this encyclopedia. Each entry will describe, in few pages, the subject mentioned in the entry title. Some words in the entry will be underscored, meaning that they are  linked to other entries for complementary information. If applicable, a bibliographic index will be appended to each entry, allowing the reader to complete the information in its source.

This encyclopedia is under construction and this explains that some entries are with reduced information. This work will be a continuous task allowing the up-date of the most recent information.

We hope that this encyclopedia will become a useful tool for sugar technologists. To achieve this goal, we greatly appreciate your comments or suggestions.

Thank you
Luis Bento

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