History - Equipment and Processes

By Bento, Luis San Miguel
Posted on 2009-12-10    Last edited on 2010-08-17


The first carbonatation process, with simultaneous injection of lime and carbon dioxide, in beet industry, was introduced in 1863 by Jelinek-Frey (Poel, et al.)


The first patent of industrial centrifugals date from 1837 by Penzolt, French Patent 8941(1837) and the application was to dry wool (Watson J.).

The first application of centrifugal in sugar industry date from 1844 (Watson J.).

The firs suspended centrifugal was patented by Weston in 1867 (Watson J.).


 Plate and frame filters in beet industry were first introduced in 1863 by Jaquiers (Poel et al.).

The first thickening filter sin beet sugar industry were first introduced in beet sugar industry in the years 1860 - 1870 (Danek and Kasalowski filters) (Poel et al.)


The first vacuum pan for sugar crystallization was patented by Edward Charles Howard in 1813 (British Patent 3754,1813) (Watson J.).


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