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By Bento, Luis San Miguel
Posted on 2006-11-06    Last edited on 2009-09-23

In the last decades the utilization of cane diffusion to replace the potent roller mills has occurred in different part of the world. The reasons of this change are related with a lower investment, low energetic consumption and low maintenance, in comparison with mills.

There are two diffusers type: cane diffusion, using de-fibrated cane; and bagasse diffuser, where one roller mill exists before the diffuser (Rein, 1998). Inside the diffuser, cane is contacted with hot water in counter current way, for sucrose extraction. Bagasse at the end of the diffuser, pass by a roller mill for water extraction.
Juice obtained with this extraction system presents a higher colour than the one obtained by milling. Probably enzymatic browning reactions during diffusion produce more colourants, due to the longer time in the extraction process.


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