Special Sugars

By Bento, Luis San Miguel
Posted on 2007-06-14    Last edited on 2011-01-20


Some refineries produce other sugars beside white sugar. These special sugars can include sugars in solid form (as soft sugars, candy, fine grain, extra-fine, icing sugar, areado sugar, amorfo sugar, cassonade) or in liquid form (liquid sugar).
The production of these sugars have different purposes: economical (increase profits per ton of sugar produced); commercial / marketing (presenting a large and varied selection of sugar products ) and technical (producing brown sugars is a way to discharge colourants and other non sugars from the process).

Bento,L.S.M., 1983, The production of areado sugar at RAR Refinery, Proc. of S.I.T.
           Conf., 222-241


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